Learn a New Language

The Locals will love you more if you make an attempt to speak a few words of thier language.


The national language of Pakistan and Second most papular language in India is Urdu. Pimleur's Urdu course is the easiest and fastest way to leran.



Pashto is an aryan language and the most common tongue of Khyber's Pakhtunkhwa province. The language is also spoken in Balochistan and Afghanistan. In total the language age has around 80 millions Speakers. prmsleur's pashto is the easiest way to learn.



ALmost half of the Pakistani's population speak punjabi as thier first language. In addition to 100+ million speakers here, there are around 30 million Punjabi speakers in India and Overseas.Ounjabi is also the language of the Sikh religous community.